Guitar, Bass Guitar, Voice/ Singing, Piano, Ukulele and Music Theory Instruction/ Lessons

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Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, and Drum Lessons

Our teachers are the best in Sacramento County. We especially love teaching kids and right now we are offering guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, singing, and piano lessons. Sign up now for a lesson!

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Singing and Voice Lessons

We believe every musician should learn how to sing whether they are going to be a lead vocalist or a background singer.

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We believe that all children and adults should have the opportunity to have musical education. 

JJ Music exists to equip musicians at whatever level of competency to pursue their dreams. We desire that all artists find fulfillment in their craft. 

Where We Teach

We are located in the Folsom, California but we serve and teach students from El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, Placerville, and the greater Sacramento Area. A studio is used for teaching in Folsom but teachers can travel to your home for an extra fee especially if it's in Folsom or El Dorado Hills. 

Who We Teach

Whether you are a beginner guitarist, or a seasoned shredder, I share your enthusiasm, and will design a lesson plan that will take you where you want to go on your musical journey (and maybe to places you never even considered before!)

What You'll Learn

We will help you build and polish a strong foundation of Technique, Theory, Improvisation & Repertoire. We will explore sight reading, groove, harmony and melody, and examine how different rhythms and scales function in real musical situations.

How it Works

Bring in any music, either notated on sheet music, or on an iPod or CD, and we'll learn how to play like your favorite musicians, or how to make the songs your own!

Yea, We Love Teaching Kids and Adults

We teach everyone and find it very fulfilling to see them grow in music.  We want to help you become the musician that YOU want to be!

Live Performance & Music

If you are in need of live music for your event, look no further. JJ Music can supply live music and a PA system for your event. 

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Guitar and Ukulele Classes

Sometimes the best way to learn is to learn alongside other people. If you or your children would like to learn in a classroom setting, contact us for more information. 

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Play in a Band

We believe playing in a band is one of the best ways to learn how to play music. Sign up now to be paired with other musicians. 

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