Sound Proofing for New Studio

I can't wait until my new studio is complete! It will be have great acoustic installation for sound proofing. I will be teaching guitar, ukuele, piano, bass, voice, and drums lessons out of this studio as well have directing Kids and Adult Rock Band. Also, it will used for recording. This is for lessons in the Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, and Greater Sacramento Area.  Here's a great article on insulation from


Sound insulation in buildings is important to make it soundproof to stop sound from getting into the room. Significance of sound insulation has increased in cities where density of population is more and buildings are located in close proximity to each other. Also growing number of vehicular population has given rise to noise pollution in cities which in-turn has necessitated sound insulation in buildings. Too much noise is not only bad for the environment but for the human too and sound insulation helps to reduce noise. In offices, sound insulation is essential to keep the noise level at the minimum to enhance employee efficiency.

Sound travels between rooms through the air and through the structure. Outlets, switches, can lights, gaps under doors, HVAC ducting, etc. are transmission paths for sound to travel through air. This problem can be tackled to a great extent by using proper sound absorbing materials that soak up incoming sound energy and make the room sound proof.

Supreme Industries is a prominent sound insulation material manufacturer suitable for all the above parameters and some of the products offered by the company are:

INSUsound-xlo is non-fibrous, tri-dimensional chemically crosslinked fire-retardant foam and provides excellent sound absorption characteristics. Due to its open-cell structure, INSUsound-xlo allows effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad frequency range. Also its high air flow resistance offers beneficial sound transmission loss properties. Unlike conventional products, INSUsound-xlo does not disintegrate or particulate, thus making it suitable material for ‘clean rooms’ applications.

INSUshield is a non-fibrous, fire retardant (FR), closed cell, tri-dimensional chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam ideal for acoustic flooring. It is certified ‘Class O’ in Fire Propagation and ‘Class 1’ in Surface Spread of Flame as per BS 476 Part 6 & Part 7 respectively. It is an environment friendly material; very easy to install.

These are multi-purpose materials and are ideal for Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, Airports, BPOs, Gymnasiums, Commercial Complexes, Conference Rooms, Offices and Hotels, Banquets, Concert Halls and many more other applications.

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