October Newsletter- Folsom Summer Music Camps and More

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Practice Makes Perfect?

If you aren’t practicing at home, we can tell when you come to the studio or meet for an in-home lesson. To help our students succeed with at home practice, we are including helpful apps, tips, and cites in each newsletter. Whether it is ear training, harmonization, memorization, or performance anxiety, we will address it. At JJ Music, parental involvement is important to us so that every student continually grows into better and successful musicians. With that being said, we encourage our parents and students to reach out to us with any questions.

In this issue:

• Practice Makes Perfect?

• Part 1: “Balanced” Practice

• December 8th Performance

• 2020 Summer Camps

Part 1:
Practice and why it’s Essential

Galamian said, “We neglect performance practice,
doing too little, too late.” The problem isn’t that we
practice too little. The problem is that our practice
tends to be incredibly unbalanced. Performance
practice is not just about going through the motions
or moving our muscles. It's about training our mind
and “pressure-proofing” our skills. Elite athletes have found that even with the most thorough and intense physical preparation, performances remain inconsistent unless they’ve also addressed the mental aspect of performing. That well-developed mental skills like confidence, focus, and resilience, are often the difference between choking under pressure and performing optimally; being nagged by persistent doubts in the days leading up to a big performance and feeling ready and truly confident in your abilities.

Upcoming Performance Reminder

We are having our Fall/Winter Concert at The Gaslight in Folsom on Sunday, December 8th. We encourage all of our students to participate and ask that you encourage them too!

2020 Summer Camps

Summer can be a wonderful time for kids and adults to dive deeper into their musical interests. JJ Music will be hosting a number of summer camps that will focus on individual and group classes. Drums, piano, voice, guitar, and ukulele are just some of the lessons we are offering. On the last day of the camp, a group performance will take place. We encourage parents, family and friends to attend. Keep you eye open for reminders for registration and camp dates!

A Navy SEAL once said “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training.”

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