Recital August 23rd at the Folsom Hotel

JJ Music Lessons Gig/ Recital

August 23rd at the Folsom Hotel

1.  Private Lessons

Teacher (Voice, Guitar, and Ukulele)- Megan T Smith

Kat Vella- Big Iron

Ethan Shirley- Let it Be, Paperback Writer, I Wanna Hold Your Hand 

Summer Mullens- Girl on Fire

Joey Ward

Shelby Owens- Prom Queen

Heather Mikekyn

Drum Teacher- Steve Martin

Jadon Jimmerson- The Good Ol Creed, Seven Nation Army, Smoke on the Water, and Brain Stew

Teacher (Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Composition, and Bass)- Jonathan

Laura, Stephanie, and Josephine Stringer (The Amazing Stringer Trio)

Finley Sipes (Inventor of Fantastic Phrases)

Keith Skinner (Bug Warrior)

Amna Akhatr (Lemon Girl)

2.  Composers/ Songwriters

Nicholas Sanctuary- Determination in Desolation (recorded audio)  

Ben and Nathan- Tomorrow is Not Today (performed live)

Mathias Xiong- (Recorded Audio)



3.  JJ Music Bands

The Hands People (From Handsville)

1.      Aint No Rest for the Wicked

2.      Crazy Little Thing Called Love (or Brennan)

3.      Burning Pile

4.      Dreams

Nate and the Killers

1.      Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2.      Brain Stew

3.      Bullet With Butterfly Wings

4.      Wish You Were Here

5.      Hitchin a Ride

6.      Fortunate Son

Layers of Pain

1.       Spawn- A Mathias original

2.       Zombie

3.       Sleeping Dogs

4.       Man in the Box

5.       Sweet Child O Mine

6.       Monster

7.       What We Used to Have- An original my Emily and Zella

8.       Rock and Roll


9.       Celebrity Skin

10.   Love You to Death

11.   Who Did You Think I Was

12.   Typical

13.   The Mask

14.   Crazy Train

15.   Unforgiven

16.   Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nate and the Killers Join the Band)

Recital August 23rd at the Folsom Hotel JJ Music Lessons Gig/ Recital August 23rd at the Folsom Hotel ...
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